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Volumes 1 and 2 Combo SPECIAL EDITIONEarth 3176: Mark Trogmyer is supposed to be the last pure child on Earth with the traditional morals and values that set him apart from those of his age. Mark is brought into the World of the Unknown by the unlikeliest of people, Frank Burgesis. Burgesis is an old man who randomly appears onto Mark's doorstep and tells him to meet him that night when everyone is asleep. Burgesis takes Mark into the World of the Unknown and its explained to him that it may be him that's prophesized to be "the one," to rid both Earth and the World of the Unknown of Grey Matter or clouds of evil. Grey Matter in the World of the Unknown is the physical form of sin, for every evil act done a volume of clouds form and it affects peoples judgement. Mark is also informed that while learning lessons along the way from 17 different clan leaders that rule in the World of the Unknown, he is supposed to prove his purity of heart. These lessons learned will sway the Clan Leader to show their clans that they have someone worthy to follow to fight Nerogroben. Nerogroben is an evil troll whom has taken over the World of the Unknown with his loyalists. Trolls are considered at the bottom of the Social hierarchy within the realm of the World of the Unknown. Nerogroben has deemed himself the Supreme Ruler over all of the World of the Unknown and anyone who doesn't follow him is tortured and or killed. Marks job is to fight Nerogroben and his army of loyalists and rid the world of Grey Matter with support of the clans. When Mark lands into the World of the Unknown, he turns into a Magical Human Elf and is taught Elemental Magic which are sourced through tattoos or Magimarks which are given to you and are based off your conscience. Will Mark have what it takes to accomplish his destiny or will he fail like the others before him?


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