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Reviews for the Series so far...

"A fantastic easy read that can be related to anyone's situation in life where they may have to fight true evils, in the end, it’s unique." - Randy Rodriguez 


"Though you may not be a fan of the fantasy genre, the fact that you are a human being makes this book a must-read. The author utilizes many of life's situations and events that we face almost daily and displays the positive perspective of such events. While reading Anthony Parker's book, you will find yourself reflecting on your own life while being entertained! What more can you ask from a book!" - Toni Enriquez


"An adventure in time, if you enjoyed Harry Potter this is for you!" - Cassandra Gonzalez


"Such a great book, definitely a must read!" - Chris De Leon (Niteshockers)

"An adventure away from reality. A well thought out story for which a boy can discover his power of impact just by sticking to what he believes in. If you are looking for a great escape from your world, then step into the World of the Unknown by flipping through these pages!” - Leah Garcia


"For fans of C.S Lewis and J.K Rowling, this is a very fun coming of age story and adventure with strong characters and a lot of heart. A very promising start from an up and coming author!" - Josh Snyder


“I just started reading the first few chapters of the series and was captivated from the start! I love the descriptiveness of the characters and the setting! I look forward to reading more of the series!” - Matt Sweet


“The story takes you on a thrill ride. It’s easy to fall in love with the characters. The story’s message conveys the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and bravery.” - Kate Sweetman


“It’s a great story with well-constructed characters in a world, all, of its own. It has a sense of familiarity that draws you in and keeps you wanting to know what happens next. It’s easy to get into and even if you put it down, it’s that much easier to pick back up. You won’t have to start over. I really enjoy the cast of characters involved in the story. Many of them play mentor to a character that is trying to understand his purpose in two worlds that he has yet to fully understand.” - Gabrielle Bucci


“Mark Trogmyer gives hope to the future in this amazing book. Anthony S. Parker developed the story and its characters in such a relatable manner. This series has introduced me to the World of the Unknown and I never want to leave it.” - Dunken Lopez

"When reading this book from the start the first chapter grabs you immediately and sparks your curiosity and you don’t want to put the book down. This ought to be a must-read book especially if you are into fantasy fiction. Anthony Parker uses the genre to reinvent real-life situations while in the realm of the World of the Unknown, which makes it easier to understand and for the readers to relate to in their own lives. Overall the author Anthony Parker has some unique writing skills. If you enjoyed this book as I have, then I am sure book two is bound to be a success, I can’t wait to read on!" - Maria Ana Sanchez


"I don’t read a lot of books but when I do I am very particular on what I grab. I picked up the first copy of this book and it was great. I didn't want to put it down the suspense was killing me. I can’t wait for the next one, I am sure it’s going to be even better! The author Anthony Parker, really put a lot of time into writing the first book and I can't wait to see what else is coming from him!" - Tina Bellon


“As soon as I started the book I was anxious to finish it. Now I am equally anxious to finish the series and learn more about the amazing World of the Unknown that Anthony Parker created in which I can escape to.” - Adrian Enriquez

"“I’m enjoying the book series quite a lot so far. I’m a huge fantasy fan so already, the book is right up my alley. It engrosses and pulls me into a new world I can get lost in as I read and was captivated by the world painted for me in the book. If I wasn’t so busy, I honestly might have binged the whole series already.” – Christian Alexander Billingsley

"“Right from the start, when I was first told about the book series, I was interested. I read the first book and it was fantastic. The characters were memorable and likeable, my favorites were Burgesis and Barty. I got my hands on the second book, and after reading it, it was phenomenal! There was SO much action in the storyline and interaction with all the characters! I really can’t wait for the next two books!” -Maureen Phinney

"Volume 4 of Grey Matter Book Series has begun to test the boundaries that have until now been crossed in the genre, as this compelling riveting story has become extraordinarily popular these last few months." - Daniel Spaizer, Massachusetts


"Thank you for giving me book one signed. My son loves it and he has not put it down since I gave it to him. It is 2 am and I had to take the book from him so he would get to sleep. He is fifteen pages in and he already loves it! Thank you so much for getting my son to start reading again with your books! I look forward to reading it myself after him! - Tony Caruso, Delaware


"When you open this book, you will step into a world of wonder, hope, and magic. A world where anything is possible with understanding and faith in in the good of people. You will feel as though you are walking along with Mark Trogmyer, feeling the wonders and emotions as he does. Anthony has created both a world and characters that pull you in and make you care for them. He has given insight into how many of them could have been made to feel like the path they have chosen seemed like the right one, even if it is not. I laughed and cried with and for the inhabitants of the World of the Unknown. Their story has gripped me from the very first paragraph to the last. I cannot wait to delve deeper and see how this journey and our heroes progress! - Christina Astrid Ferrante

Hi Anthony, Me and my girlfriend both equally love your book. We honestly couldn't put it down.After the first few days we made it to Chapter 5 and honestly we couldn't wait to read more. My girlfriend, Ella, loved the thought of Whiskers, being a cat lover, and sad, as, well you know, but we love it! We stayed up last night finishing the first volume of your book, we both can't thank you enough for sending us your book and the joy we have experienced reading it together. As we are already fans of the hobbit and lord of the rings, books and films, this book was already an easy catch for us and caught our eyes almost immediately after reading a few chapters. We have always said that we should start reading more books, especially together, and now during the current conditions that we are faced with, your book helped to be a distraction to our lives and to what is going on in the world. We will without a doubt be reading your next volume very soon and can't wait to see what happens, what a cliffhanger... - Scotty Jockey and Ella from Wales, UK

"Fantastic Story, easy read and descriptive with great characters. A real page turner, always leaves you wanting to know what's going to happen next! If you are looking for escapism, read this book! Can't wait for the next one! 4/5 stars. - @read_with_cc (Instagram) from UK

Grey Matter Series Volume 1: The Story of Mark Trogmyer in the World of the Unknown

New Review: 5/5

Awesome Book! I loved the way it was written and could be easily read. The story was thought provoking, and unique, filled with action, mystery, and intrigue that left me hanging all the way to the end! Loved this book and recommend it to all lovers of the fantasy genre! My Favorite scene was when Mark Trogmyer was introduced into the World of the Unknown, it left a lasting impression that made me reflect on things in my own life! This book was a real joy to read the likes of which I haven't read in the long time, it was refreshing! Thank you so much for the opportunity to allowing me to read your book! - Jarvis Baxter, UK

"This was an enjoyable book filled with adventure and diversity and lessons. There was a lot of great wisdom that could be taken in between the lines of this story line with true development of the characters. I love the scene with Mark's reaction to the clans and the Hierarchy of the clans, it was appropriately intense! I would definitely recommend this book to my friends!" - Jasper Hopewell, Grey Matter Series Volume 1 The Story of Mark Trogmyer in the World of the Unknown Review 5/5.

"Another well told story that was full of unpredictable twists and turns that kept me guessing through the whole story. I found that this part of the series of Volume 2 was really researched and thought out. I also enjoyed the hidden wisdoms from certain characters in the story that had a deeper meaning and impact on me on my own life upon reflection. I thoroughly enjoyed being lost in the World of the Unknown for the second time and can't wait to start Volume 3 in Secrets of the World of the Unknown!" - John Beverly, Grey Matter Series Volume 2 Wrath of Nerogroben Review 5/5

 "I realize that many have not yet commented on the fourth installment as I would like to add in an opinion about this read. I found this storyline to be interesting as it relates to the main character and his position in this prophecy. The Main character learns so much along the way in this series and has been though so much. I have found that this book explains more about the main character and other characters in this series. I love the storyline with Eladius and do have some hopes for the direction of the series. I recommend that others take a look into this storyline and find this just as riveting as I have!" Jason Gray, Grey Matter Series Volume 4, Mark Trogmyer and the IFRD Review 4/5.

"This is a fantastic idea to be able to have an actually bound book to use as a writing journal. I have been using this for my own draft for my book that I am currently working on. It has helped me to envision me holding on to my own book as if it already was published! I will of course be typing it out when its completed from this notebook but in the meantime it has more than made up for its use by being able to motivate me to continue to write! Definitely Recommend this book for those who also wish to do journal entry writing!" Craig Farlough, Dreams Notebook Review, 4/5.

"It is not often in this genre that we have an interesting perspective of multiple layers of wisdom, themes, and various sometimes sensitive topics being discussed like in this series. As a whole, I found this story of Mark Trogmyer and the Grey Matter Series to be profound and I really do think that it is the next mainstream series that should be out there in the various bookstores around the world. I see that mine might not be the only one with this opinion per these other reviews. It is my hope that with the proper literary agent this book series could be quite successful as the author seems to have thought out the series well and everything has been organized. In this book in particular there is a particular topic that is discussed that hit home for me and I found myself in this certain particular predicament in my own life of doing what is right versus what is easy and not only that but also having to decide to follow a traditional precedent if you will or go with the changing of times and to be more accepting. It is true that while reading this series you may find yourself reflecting on your own life as I did and be able to put yourself in the characters shoes whilst feeling the grief, pain, or discomfort that they too must also be feeling. I seriously recommend that you take a sharp eye at this series and see if you too can see and feel what I have felt whilst reading this series. I am forever grateful to the author for this marvelous series!" Jordin Westford, Grey Matter Series Volume 5 The Story of Thomas Joshua McPherson Review 5/5

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