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FINAL FINAL Instalment to the series. The fifth installment of the series starts with the current state of Mark Trogmyer after the Spiritual war. He is told of a story about "the one" number 5, Thomas Joshua McPherson. The situation of how the magical creatures and the non-magical creatures has gotten worse, especially the divide among humans. Mark Trogmyer will have to handle that and figure out how he wants to live his life as well as Em, Alden the Wise, and the Creator will have to decide the future of humanity with the help of Mark and the state of the "New Earth” and the life he will have to choose to lead. The questions surrounding Eladius have been unanswered. What will happen with the Elven clan? Will Earth be the same? How will relations between Earth and the World of the Unknown be handled? What is the new clan that Mark learns about? What’s the story behind them? To find out you will need to get lost again within the World of the Unknown.

Grey Matter Series Volume 5: The Story of Thomas Joshua McPherson

SKU: 9781088990247
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