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The third installment of the series-

Mark Trogmyer ventures into the World of the Unknown. This time Mark uncovers various secrets of his past, and present within Earth, the World of the Unknown, and the Spirit Realm, which shines some light into how his future could be and the existence of other realms. Mark also learns that things aren’t always what they seem to be as his life is going to be in very real danger. Sightings and witness reports have come forth of stories of Nerogroben’s return and a dark shadow that has been mysteriously hiding within the dark Grey Matter clouds resembling Mark himself. The question remains will Mark be able to uncover the truth before his untimely demise? Will he be able to save the Earth and the World of the Unknown and what are the secrets that have been hidden from him?

Ebook Grey Matter Series Volume 3: Secrets of the World of the Unknown

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$10.00Sale Price
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