This week has been an exceptionally busy week so far. A lot of changes have occurred just within the first few days already. I have started my second job at Pepboys today. It has been a lot of training tests etc so far on the computer. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed because of everything that I feel like I am going to need to know. I don't really know a lot about cars and parts etc. But I am willing to accept this temporarily part time job of challenges. I just finished my schedule up to August. Even with me working two jobs it seems like I will still have time to work on the books in between things which is important.

My goal is to have book 5 done by October but we will see.

The need of book five from some people has been giving me a lot of pressure and with that and the new jobs and trying to work things out but it should have a good outcome hopefully and wont affect me healthwise.

Thus far I have reached out to 3 podcasters to try to get my books advertised on there. I have also reached out and have been in contact with the illustrator who painted the cover for book 5 picture. she is charging $80 for the photo and permissions to use it on my book cover. I am so excited for its release. Book five so far has 5 chapters written and three chapters confirmed typed so far. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get a bit further.

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