Today as I am writing I am currently at Dunkin Donuts here in Wilmington, Delaware. My first objective for today was to revamp the website up. I wanted to add a little more Grey and White while still maintaining this page to be as professional looking as possible.

As you all probably already noticed, Grey Matter Series Volume 4: Mark Trogmyer and the IFRD is out already. My latest rev It was already one of the most difficult stories to write. I found myself for the first time questioning what should be allowed to be written in this series and to what extent can I draw the line. After talking to a few people it only made sense to keep to the storyline and the development of the characters instead of sticking to my own worries of "what others will think." This book series has taught me something. It has taught me that while I enjoy the art of writing these books, (even though at times they can be stressful) sometimes it is the most difficult thing to do to write about things that are hardly talked about. Let alone write about things that most wouldn't even want to attempt to draw to close to the line about talking. After talking to an author friend of mine in Texas, I couldn't help but agree to her line of thinking which was that she believes that all books ought to have a rating regarding content just as movies do in order to protect the readers from reading about things they would probably prefer the book they are reading not to be about.

Last month I took a much needed trip to Texas and got to see various family and friends. Although my visit was short, I did get to meet a lot of new people at the three book talks that I had out there. I did gain a lot more support from readers and the talks/signings went well. They went so well in fact, it has given me the extra comfort of feeling like I am really getting somewhere with this series. Since May 2016, when my first volume of the Grey Matter Series came out, I will admit, I had my silent reservations that I may not be as successful as I have been so far. Without the support and encouragement of those around me, I may not have gotten as far as I have. Writing the series has also taken a lot of sacrifices in order to meet deadlines that I had with the previous publisher etc. The nice thing is now I can do things at my own pace now.

Last month, two more of my books were released. Grey Matter Book Series Book of Illustrations, which is a book that has many of the drawings and art works done by my friend Brendan Alicea who first encouraged me to get back into writing again was released. Then the most recent book that has been released was Dreams: An Interactive Journal. It is a book that was written specifically for those high schoolers and college students who don't know their dreams and goals or feel at a lost to accomplish them because they need the guidance and encouragement to do so. It is an interactive motivational journal of sorts that allows for the reader to be able to deal with negativity etc. Based off of quotes from other people and various guidelines that I myself followed and self studied personal development.

Currently I am working on Volume 5 of the Grey Matter Book Series and it is coming along quite well. I never thought I would have gotten this far but with a lot of effort it has become slowly progressively more put together. Many have asked if this book is going to end the series or not and even a few have asked me to write on in this series. I feel that I will take a break from this series and work on other books in the meantime til the books become more popular. It will also give me time to work on a new trilogy idea called City of Sandglass and also another book called Directions that will be coming out.

All of these new and exciting ideas are going to be worked on while balancing two part time jobs, in which one of them may eventually become full time.

Changes are good and some are easy and many are not. But those that are difficult are worth it

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