Upon reflection I have now gained a 300+ following on Instagram for the series thus far in the last week. I realize that if I put more effort into growing the word out there for the series, more and more people will be interested in it.

The third book had to be resubmitted to the publisher today and reapproved. I am happy to report that, my third installment of the Series, Grey Matter Series Volume 3: Secrets of the World of the Unknown is now available for Kindle Fire and within the next 24 hours it will also be available on the Nook e-reader through Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble should be able to get a copy in the next month or so available to order at stores. However, just like on Amazon, the only way for you to get signed copies is through this site. There has been a bit of a delay on receiving orders through the mail due to the bad weather we have gotten but it shouldn't affect orders too badly. It is my hope that everyone will and has enjoyed this series thus far. I am currently working on plans for the fourth and final installment on the series which has already 30 pages complete. Book 4 will be released December 2018. I will release the name of the title sometime soon, possibly as late as the Summer, as I am still writing it and planning it out.

Keep up with the reading and thanks for your support, spread the word out to friends and family about the series!

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