Reflection on Further Writing Plans

I have decided that book four is going to be the last one of the Grey Matter Series storyline for now but I will be having other books that I will be publishing that will be different from the current genres.

I am excited to get more feedback from readers as I gain a larger following and word of this series spreads further.

After submitting my third book into the publisher yesterday, I realized that now I just have to play the waiting game to get it approved and then it will be finally published and available on Amazon as well.

Not many realize the process and the difficulty that you have to go through to publish. However in the end, the feeling of being able to have not only a sense of accomplishment but also the feeling of being able to hold a copy of your own book is just an amazing feeling that makes the whole thing worth it.

I do have a collection of short stories that I may also get published eventually and also I have a few other plans to help the Grey Matter Series along and get out there more.

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