2018 - Opinion on Goal Setting...

As 2017 came to a quick close and the New Year came upon us, for me, it was also a time for a period of brief reflection on the previous year. This last year was indeed a meaningful year, full of laughs, fun, new lessons learned both in my personal life, and also in general.

A friend of mine asked me the other day what my New Years Resolution was and it was at that point that I replied, "I didn't make any."

In a kind of confused reaction to my curious resolve he insisted that he wanted to lose weight and become a author eventually. I told him congrats on his New Years resolution.

He then asked me why I didn't have one. I followed that question up with, Why is it that everyone has a goal every year and sometimes they do not accomplish it? Why is it seemingly only a tradition of a thought process that never ever really gets to be accomplished before the end of that same year? What is missing? What is enabling that person to say well maybe tomorrow or next month is when I can start to accomplish this goal?

He remained silent as I continued to share this opinion of mine.

One thing to remember about me is, I didn't become and author overnight. I became an author, not because one day I just the thought, or the idea of becoming an author or just thinking of the process to become an author. I had a dream that I wanted to become an author when I was younger and since then I had written many short stories. I became an author because of the follow through of this process.

For years and years, I wanted to become a published author. I was inspired by certain friends and family and people who saw me starting to have potential especially after the book was halfway written.

The goal and the dream was there, it was the action of putting in the work that made it all possible in the end. We all get stuck into thinking that it is impossible to accomplish our hopes, dreams, and goals because we don't have the money or we don't have the proper background.

I learned recently that it is all simply a lie. It doesn't matter where you come from, or who you are, or who you know. If you have a dream and you want to make it happen, they don't just come true, dreams can be made true if you only remember to start with the first step and continue and continue to the next step and the next step.

Along the way, it is important to remember that many will help you. But, also, many will try to drag you back. The key is to remain vigilant as to who is there for you and who is just there and isn't helping you become a better you.

The goal of being the better you that you were yesterday is possible to accomplish, if you only study and make yourself better than what you are. If you learn from the mistakes that you have made and from the mistakes of others around you, you will become more successful.

Another thing that keeps people away from accomplishing their hopes and dreams and goals is fear. The Fear of Failure, "What if I do this and I can't finish it?" or the Fear of Success, "What if I do accomplish my goal and I can't handle being successful?" These are the people who I thought were there for me but they aren't anymore. Fear prevents people from seeing the unexplored opportunities of their own potential.

IF you were told that you are going to die tomorrow, you would accomplish more today than you would have if you didn't have that information.

When someone realizes that they will lose something that is important to them in their life around them and around that thing that they are going to lose, it will have a brand new meaning.

Remember that someday you and I are going to die, we don't know when, but in the end, are you going to be happy tomorrow with what you did or didn't do today?

Are you going to be happy knowing that the circumstances that you left people that are in your life with today, tomorrow, if you die?

Live your life as if it was your last and you will never have as much regret!

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