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Volume 1:

Earth 3176:  
Mark Trogmyer has been raised with the traditional morals and values that sets him apart from his own peers. He is taken into the World of the Unknown by the unlikeliest of people on Earth, who tells Mark that the World of the Unknown is full of magic, magical beings, and Evil or Grey Matter. Mark is told by this person also that it has been prophesized that he is "the one," the last pure child living on Earth.  
"The One" has been said to be man kinds last hope for both of these worlds. If Mark is "the one," then its only he who has the ability to not just change the evil hearts of many. But Mark is also told that while learning lessons along the way, he also has to defeat the evil troll Nerogroben who has taken over the World of the Unknown. Nerogroben has a powerful army of loyal followers, and his powers and influence are spreading and darkening.  
With the help of his guard and the various clans, will Mark be able to prove himself worthy as "the one"? Or is he doomed to suffer and be enveloped in the growing evil dark forces of distrust that have already started to plague over both these worlds?           


Volume 2:

The series continues as the guard races against time to help Mark and defeat Nerogroben and his ruthless army. Lessons will be learned along the way from the clans from each of the various clan leaders. When war is started, the very existence and nature of the World of the Unknown as we know it, is on the verge of total collapse and destruction! Will the guard be able to make that much of a difference with the help from others, to finally rid the World of the Unknown of Grey Matter? Or will it be blown into oblivion by the hatred and evil of Nerogroben himself and his loyal army?


Volume 3:

The third installment of the series as Mark Trogmyer ventures into the World of the Unknown. This time Mark uncovers various secrets of his past, and present within Earth, the World of the Unknown, and the Spirit Realm, which shines some light into how his future could be. Mark also learns that things aren't always what they seem to be, as his life is going to be in very real danger. With sightings and stories of Nerogroben's return and a dark shadow that has been hiding within the dark Grey Matter Clouds resembling Mark himself, will Mark be able to uncover the truth before his untimely demise?


Includes Volumes 4 &5 & Book of Illustrations PLUS the NEW DREAMS SET! PLUS SPECIAL COLLECTORS COMBO OF VOLUMES 1 & 2 - (USUALLY ONLY WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: Once a year during Black Friday thru Cyber Monday)

FULL 8 BOOK Paperback Signed Set

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