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The fourth and final installment of the series continues as Mark Trogmyer is still trying to be "the one" to save the World of the Unknown. He is fighting against the new antagonists, the IFRD or the International Foreign Relations Department on Earth, a revolt, and fighting an internal war within himself. The IFRD is a secret government agency within the future America who is trying to kidnap and drain Mark of his elemental powers. They want to infuse his powers into their human agents for World domination. More is revealed about the characters surrounding Mark as Temptations arise with a new surprises. With Mark now without parents on Earth, it will become more difficult for him. Mark has attracted attention with the "De Initilis Arca" from the IFRD. Will Mark be able to end the existence of this agency or will he be captured and drained of his powers before anyone can save him? Or is the Earth doomed to Armageddon and the end of times?

Grey Matter Series Volume 4: Mark Trogmyer and the IFRD

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