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Earth 3176: Mark Trogmyer was born with the traditional morals and values that sets him apart from his own peers. Mark is brought into the World of the Unknown by the unlikeliest of people, Frank Burgesis an old man who randomly appears on his doorstep. Burgesis tells Mark that the World of the Unknown is full of magic, magical beings, and Evil or Grey Matter and that it has been prophesized that he is "the one," the last pure child on Earth. Within the prophecy, "The One," is man kinds last hope for the Earth and The World of the Unknown. If Mark is "the one," then he is the only one, who can change the evil hearts of many. Mark is also then informed that while learning lessons along the way, from the various clan leaders, to gain their loyalty, he must defeat the evil troll Nerogroben who has taken over the World of the Unknown, as supreme leader. A force to be reckoned with Nerogroben has a powerful army of loyal followers, and his powers and influence are spreading and darkening the realm. With the help of his guard and the various clan leaders, will Mark be able to unite these clans, who don’t get along because of a social hierarchy, and prove himself worthy as "the one"? Or is he doomed to suffer and fail because of the growing evil dark forces of distrust that have already started to plague over both these worlds?

Grey Matter Series Vol 1: The Story of Mark Trogmyer in the World of the Unknown

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